Dr. Guy Giacopuzzi DDS, for the ultimate in fine dental health, Implant dentistry, CBCT 3D endodontics, digital impressions, Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), ortho guided minor tooth movement to close contacts, STA anesthesia, and offical distributor for Fancy Floss: Dental Floss Device, Lake Arrowhead, California, 92352.

Welcome to Our Office!

Located in the Lake Arrowhead Medical Center, Suite 208, the office of Dr. Guy Giacopuzzi is warm and inviting.

Bright, sunny and comfortable, with special touches like soft music, neck pillows, and even a cozy blanket, to help make your treatment as pleasant as possible. The Lake Arrowhead Medical Center is located adjacent to Mountains Community Hospital off of Hwy 173 on Hospital Road in Lake Arrowhead.
  Phone Numbers
Office: 909-337-9879
Fax: 909-337-1625
Mailing Info
Dr. Guy G. Giacopuzzi, DDS
P.O. Box 68
Cedar Glen, CA. 92321

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Nature of Our Practice
Our office performs most aspects of general dentistry including periodontics (gum diseases), endodontics, fixed prothestics, esthetic dentistry, and pedodontics. Our special areas of interest are dental implants and conscious sedation. Implants represent the newest frontier in dental care, allowing a much more reliable and cost effective alternative to bridges and dentures. Sedation, while allowing apprehensive patients to comfortably have dental treatment, also makes long appointments more comfortable.

Because the surrounding tissues and bone are so vital for dental health, our office emphasizes periodontal health to a high degree. While we do treat emergencies, the prime focus is on prevention of future disease.

Your Appointment
A special time, usually an hour and a half for the initial exam, is set aside for your first appointment. When an appointment is made for you, a specific amount of time is designated especially for you with the doctor. Unlike HMO and PPO practices, we block time specifically for you. Good dental care, like a good marriage, is a function of the time spent on it.

We will ask that you complete our Medical History Form prior to your visit and bring it with you for review. If you are unable to keep your appointment for any reason, a 48 hour notice is required to avoid cancellation charges.

Medical History Form - pdf
Cancellation Policy - pdf

New Patient Procedures
Except for emergency problems requiring immediate treatment, new adult patients are initially seen for a thorough examination and diagnosis. Before disease can be prevented, all active disease must be eliminated. This can only be done if we know what conditions are present. X-rays of your mouth and jaws and the examination, enable us to discover the health of not only your teeth, but the surrounding bone and soft tissues. A complete exam allows us to intelligently inform you of existing conditions in your mouth and plan your dental future. For new patients under the age of 18, the exam is usually shorter, allowing for both an exam and cleaning on the first appointment.